09Nov 2017
Roasted Apple with Saffron Honey

Autumn is a season rich in fruits and vegetables and November is the month with the most variety in produce. Amongst fruits, we have avocado, blueberries, chestnuts, persimmons, cherimoya and pomegranates. Vegetables include chard, artichokes, celery, eggplant, sweet potato and broccoli. It seems that, from time to time, we realize when eating seasonal products, we […]

16Oct 2017
Buñuelos (pastries) with saffron cream filling

Continuing with traditional cuisine, and it is because in Antonio Sotos we are lovers of good food and good company.  That’s why today we have brought you a dessert to share: buñuelos (pastries) with saffron cream filling. Here in Castile-La Mancha these buñuelos (pastries) are very popular, and it is not very difficult to find […]

28Sep 2017
Garlic and saffron soup

There is in traditional cuisine a delicious dish which mothers and grandmothers have placed on our tables for years: garlic soup. Now as we are heading into autumn and the cold weather is at our doorstep, we have to be prepared to fill our stomachs with a dish which provides us with strength and stamina. […]

10Aug 2017
Orange saffron rice recipe

Continuing with our commitment that saffron is a Summer spice and where a myriad of recipes can be prepared using saffron.   Today we have brought a quick and easy recipe, where in only 25 minutes you can prepare “Orange saffron rice” a dish that will take your guests’ breath away.   It is a […]

07Jul 2017
Lassi, saffron, fruit and yoghurt smoothie

As we have already mentioned for some time now, saffron is also used in summer.  And there are many ways for using this spice and adding it to our dishes. Today we have brought you a fresh, healthy dessert using saffron. Drawing a little bit of our inspiration from, after visiting the website “Directo al […]

28Jun 2017
Velouté sauce with saffron

Saffron as we very well know imbues a very special touch to our meals, and in sauces plays a starring role with which flavour and aroma is obtained. Today we have brought you a very special recipe which can be served as a side dish with a certain number of one’s meals. We’re talking about […]

06Jun 2017
Spanish Omelette with Saffron

At Antonio Sotos we love traditional cuisine. For us there is no dish which is a hit at the dinner table and that everyone likes so much. Yes, we’re talking about the Spanish omelette. We wanted to give our special touch to this omelette, that’s why today we have brought you a recipe for all […]

25May 2017
Add saffron to your cheesecake

  Saffron has more uses than one might think. Yes, everyone knows that it is usually associated with rice, which gives those dishes a very special flavour and colour. But that aroma and warm orange colour also have a great deal to say in other dishes, including desserts. Are you game to try making this […]

18Apr 2017
Learn about orange blossom honey with saffron

Orange blossom honey is the honey which the bees of the Spanish Levante (East Coast) suck from orange blossom flowers, or those flowers from citrus fruit trees. In turn, saffron is a plant whose pistils imbue an unmistakable and exquisite taste to great many number of dishes. Orange blossom honey with saffron is undoubtedly one […]

17Mar 2017
Saffron Torrijas Recipe

A meal is not the same without a good dessert. Three chocolate cake or blueberry pies, fruit salads, Tiramisu, biscuit cake, sweets… There are many types of desserts, but the classic is continuing to gain ground. On this occasion, we’re bringing you a modern Torrijas (Spanish-style French Toast) which includes a very aromatic spice: saffron. […]

08Mar 2017
ilia (Vegetable stew) whit paprika

  Easter is fast approaching and in our land there are traditional dishes that we wish to show you how to make.  With this “Potaje de Vigilia” (Vegetable stew) recipe we’ll be showing you today another one of our spices which is none other than  “paprika”. Some people cook this dish throughout Lent, but the […]

01Mar 2017
Ravioli with saffron cream sauce

  At Antonio Sotos we are convinced that pasta is served in your homes at least one day of the week, either because the little ones like it, or because it’s simple and easy and doesn’t take much time to cook. And as is usual in our recipes we’re going to add saffron to a […]

27Jan 2017
Croquettes with saffron

Have you tried the croquettes with a touch of saffron?, its flavour enhances the smoothness of the béchamel, adding a personal touch. Saffron has always been used not only as an aromatic spice and as food colouring, but for its many therapeutic properties: it is antioxidant, digestive, prevents cancer and gallstones, protects the retina and […]

05Jan 2017
Roscón de Reyes (Three Kings Cake) with Saffron Recipe

The tradition of having breakfast or afternoon tea on Three Kings Day (Epiphany) with the typical cakes of this time of year that is, the Roscón de Reyes (Three Kings Cake) is becoming increasingly more widespread. Below we present a very original recipe, that of the Roscón de Reyes (Three Kings Cake) with saffron, which […]

23Dec 2016
Saffron chocolate nougat recipe

There are many many  chocolate nougat recipes, but, very few such as this. Jot down this very easy saffron chocolate nougat recipe. An extra luscious and luxurious nougat thanks to the saffron, raisin, orange zest and of course, quality chocolate. Take a chance and opt for sweets prepared by you this Christmas.   Saffron chocolate […]

05Dec 2016
Saffron at Christmas

 Saffron is a very versatile spice, but nor is it a perfect fit in all recipes, as occurs, for example, with pepper, which however seems to practically pop up in all kinds of recipes. That’s why we give you a few ideas so that you can use one of the most appreciated species in the culinary […]

27Oct 2016
Saffron and autumn products

Autumn has arrived and in this new season full of brown and russet shades the red of saffron slips into the mix. This highly prized spice is the ideal addition for preparing dishes with seasonal ingredients. Thus, saffron works really well with pumpkin and mushrooms, two of the star products of autumn. That’s why we’ll […]

20Oct 2016
Meatballs with saffron and almond sauce

We’ll show you how to make meatballs, but no…. not in the usual way.  This time it’s a classic recipe but with two variations that it give it a delicious exquisite taste. We’ll be adding almonds and then adding that golden magical touch of saffron. Put your apron on and … let’s get down to […]