Lassi, saffron, fruit and yoghurt smoothie

As we have already mentioned for some time now, saffron is also used in summer.  And there are many ways for using this spice and adding it to our dishes. Today we have brought you a fresh, healthy dessert using saffron.

Drawing a little bit of our inspiration from, after visiting the website “Directo al Paladar” – a website which we love, we saw a recipe for Lassi or a mango and yoghurt mango smoothie, and so, without thinking twice, we got down to work and the result here is our recipe for you.


The lassi is a thick yogurt based smoothie, from India. There are many many recipes for making a lassi, so if you want a sweet, spiced or fruity lassi,  you can sweeten the smoothie with ripe fruit, as  the “sugar-free” concept has never been more in fashion as right now.


As has already been said, it can be made using whatever seasonal fruit you wish and like, and as we have peeled the mangoes and have them on hand  we’ll be making the lassi with this fruit;)


Ingredients for 2 people Lassi, yogurt smoothie with fruit and saffron.

1 Ripe and large mango

5 ice cubes

250g Greek yoghurt

2g ground cardamom

2ml Lemon juice

Saffron threads

Sugar to taste and optional, as sweet as you like.

Milk to taste, according to your consistency preferences.


How to make Lassi, saffron, fruit and yoghurt smoothie.

Peel and dice the mango, removing the stone.  Add the yoghurt into the blender, do not throw out the liquid, in case we wish to thin down the smoothie. Add the fruit, the juices, ice cubes, cardamom and lemon. Blend  all the ingredients together in the blender until obtaining a homogenous consistency.

Check the consistency, add the milk and sugar, water or yoghurt liquid, to taste.  Mix again, serve with a few strands of saffron.


Lassi, saffron, fruit and yoghurt smoothie serving presentation.

It can be served with nuts on top, or aromatised with the flavour that you like.

We invite you to make this smoothie with saffron to refresh and sweeten your summer and remember that it is a nutritious and satiating drink.


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