Saffron and autumn products

Autumn has arrived and in this new season full of brown and russet shades the red of saffron slips into the mix. This highly prized spice is the ideal addition for preparing dishes with seasonal ingredients. Thus, saffron works really well with pumpkin and mushrooms, two of the star products of autumn. That’s why we’ll give you some ideas and suggestions for you to add that touch of saffron in your cooking this season.

One of the most common options when the cold rears its head are stews. And adding a pinch of saffron to your stews is regarded as almost an obligation. For example, a cod and mushroom stew will shine considerably more so if it has a breath of saffron.  Boletus mushrooms are suitable for this hot dish, the saffron threads must be toasted for this dish, adding the threads into a frying pan with oil, paprika, garlic and onion. Potatoes diced into cubes, a splash of fish stock and desalted cod round off this wonderful dish.

And if you are more partial to vegetable stews, you must try adding beans, chorizo (pork sausage), pumpkin and, of course, saffron. Once the onion is chopped and the garlic in a frying plan with oil, add the diced pumpkin and the saffron threads. Then add chopped tomatoes and a pinch of paprika. Additionally, chop carrots and leeks and add into a pot with  red beans. When everything is ready, mix together both parts, add chorizo (pork sausage and beans and… Enjoy this vegetable stew!

Saffron: a great accompaniment of cream soups with seasonal products

Saffron lends its aroma and works really well with certain autumn products turned into cream soups, such as pumpkin or mushrooms. And if we’re talking about pumpkins, this is the easiest way to indulge. So, you won’t want to have another starter which is not this cream of pumpkin soup with muscatel and saffron. Jot down the recipe and indulge this autumn!

So as to prepare this dish you’ll need approximately 10 strands of saffron, a kilo of pumpkin, half a glass of milk, another half of glass of muscatel and butter. Preparing this dish is very easy:  in a cooking pot, heat the butter and add the diced pumpkin and cook for a few minutes. Add hot water and when it is tender, beat the mixture together with the milk. Then, place it again back onto the heat with the saffron and muscatel. Serve hot and if you wish, add pine nuts as a garnish.

If you decide to add the saffron threads, all your dishes will acquire a more natural flavour and be much more colourful, with the shades inherent to the plant. Try it, you’ll not want to cook without having it handy!

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