Saffron for controlling cholesterol


Saffron is so much more than a mere spice to enhance the flavour of our recipes, just as we have always claimed, possessing a myriad of benefits for the health and one’s well-being, and for that reason today we want to tell you about another of the beneficial properties of the “red gold” as it helps to reduce the blood cholesterol levels. Do you find this fact interesting? Well then don’t miss out on all the information that is provided in this regard.


What part of saffron contains the beneficial properties?

Crocetin is the natural pigment which saffron possesses, and it is that pigment which provides the vast amount of health benefits to people, given that it stimulates bile production, preventing gallbladder problems, promoting digestion, reducing monthly menstrual pain and preventing  diseases such as that which we wish to highlight today, namely cholesterol.


How does crocetin reduce cholesterol?

With an intake of a moderate crocetin dosage the nutrition of the blood capillaries is improved, therefore, cardiovascular diseases are prevented, and with this cholesterol is reduced.


Heart disease may be closely related to high cholesterol levels and therefore, crocetin has also been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks, given that it stimulates blood flow and maintains blood pressure.


What are the recommendations for using saffron?

As has always been claimed, saffron is very beneficial in small doses, as if it is overdone, as with all foods, the effects can become negative.


Ideally, 0.5 grams is to be consumed before meals, which means that a daily intake of 1.5 grams must not be exceeded.


There are many ways for consuming and drinking saffron and each way can be adapted to the food with which it is served. It is recommended to be taken before breakfast, lunch and dinner given that these are the most substantial meals eaten. As regards breakfast, the ideal would be for the saffron to be added to milk, however, at lunchtime and dinner it should be added into the food, although if you don’t like that touch of bitterness which is imbued to the food, the most effective way for noticing its effects is in an infusion with water, or directly taken with the Antonio Sotos Black Tea which already has all the benefits of saffron for one’s body.


Do you have high cholesterol? Well then, don’t hesitate, get our Antonio Sotos saffron and benefit from all its properties.


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