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Saffron is a spice welknown as food colorant that colours the food yellow, but since antiquity it is also known as a natural remedy. Although only a few could afford it due to its high price.
In this article, we are going to go over the advantages that saffron can have for our health as well as for our digestive system, female troubles, and its advantages for memory etc..

Digestive system

If you use saffron as a spice in cooking, you will benefit of the advantages exposed hereafter: thanks to its bitter components, it stimulates the digestive system, increases the salivary and gastric secretions.

It is not recommendable to use more than 1’5 grs of saffron a day.

Saffron contains crocetine, a component which stimulates the production of bile, that prevents gallstones from forming in our gall-bladders. It can be added to food to help digestion.

Period pains in women

It has been proved, since ancient times, that saffron was used to calm period pains, since it has an antispasmodic component. It helps through all the cycle, it helps menstrual flow and prevents uterine cramps . We can have 0’5gr of saffron in 200ml of milk or hot water up to twice a day.

infusión de azafrán


The main component of saffron is crocin, a natural antioxidant that eliminates the free radicals, responsible for the ageing of the cells. It improves health in general and it is not necessary to consume big amounts to get that property.

Good for memory

Thanks to its antioxidant component, it helps improve cognitive skills and learning. It is a component recommended for those who suffer from stress, nervous fits and anxiety. It protects the brain and its properties are being studied to treat illnesses such as Alzheimer, Parkinson or memory loss.
For stressed days, you can make an infusion made with 0’5gr of saffron in 250ml boiling water.


Saffron also helps eyesight, as it is connected to the nervous system. Not only for its antioxidants but also for its safranal content. Which brings aroma, and slows down the degeneration of the light receptor cells, it improves the function of the retina and the blood vessels functions in the eye.

It treats cardiovascular illnesses

It is thought that it makes the heart stronger. In this case, Crocin is present again, the red pigment of saffron which reduces cholesterol. It contains beneficial applications for arteriosclerosis which improves the capillaries nutrition. A daily consumption is recommended.

A complement for diabetes

In diabetic patients of type II, saffron may be used to fight the damages that affect nerves for excess of sugar in the blood and avoids sight problems.

It Works as anticancer

Flavonoids and beta-carotenes in saffron help delay tumour growth and lengthen life expectancy, it reduces kidney pains that certain medicines may cause.

Soothing and anti-depressant properties

Soothing and anti-depressant properties. The consumption of saffron between 6 to 8 weeks may be as effective as the medicines prescribed for breakdowns. Due to its soothing and aromatic substances also prescribed for insomnia problems.

It reduces temperature

Saffron is favourable to perspiration, that is why it is ideal in episodes of temperature.

Teeth pains

Saffron infusions used as a topic application on teeth soothe and help children with teething problems. They may cure mouth blisters with mouth washes.


In sportspeople.
Saffron helps soothe tiredness and muscle inflammation.

Azafrán en el deporte

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