Saffron Soap Recipie

Enhance your beauty with saffron soap, thanks to these easy natural recipes that do not harm your health, since both are elaborated without caustic soda. They are very easy to prepare and you will soon feel its properties. It is said that Cleopatra added saffron to her donkey’s milk baths. Do not forget that her beauty secrets have been kept until today.

Soap recipe for all types of skins


  • 1 L of water
  • 50 g of ground saponaria root
  • One dose of saffron threads


Roast slightly the saffron threads in a hot saucepan and put it aside. Heat water in a pan and, before it starts boiling, remove from heat and add the saponaria root and the saffron. Cover the pan and let it cool off for about an hour. After straining it, save it in the container you are going to use ( the result is a liquid soap, a bottle with an applicator would be the most convenient way to keep it).

You will be able to use it on hands and face. Saffron has antioxidant properties and also soothes skin, it is rich in flavonoids. Do not forget it has anti-wrinkle and anti-spots properties.

Soap recipe for very dry skin


  • 400 g of neutral glycerine in bar
  • 10 drops of argan oil
  • One envelope of saffron threads


Slightly roast the saffron threads in a frying pan and reserve.

Melt the glycerin in a pan- bain Marie. Let’s remove from heat and then add, while stirring, the argan oil and the saffron threads. Pour the mixture into a mould and let it cool off. When it has cooled, put it in the fridge for one hour. When time has elapsed, we can remove the soap from mould and use it. It will hydrate your skin and all the saffron properties are guaranteed.

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