Saffron and olive oil ice cream

We’re still in summer, which is why we categorically state that we’re still in ice cream season.  And if the ice creams are healthy and homemade, the finer the better!


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We were struck by this recipe as traditional Mediterranean cuisine ingredients, such as olive oil and of course, saffron are used in preparing it. In fact, for this recipe the Cornicabra EVOO olive variety is recommended due to its fruity, bitter and peppery nuances which go perfectly with the saffron.



  • 1/2 litre milk
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 150 grams sugar
  • 50 grams olive oil (preferably the Cornicabra olive variety)
  • 12 saffron strands



First, boil the milk and saffron strands.

In a separate bowl, mix together the sugar, egg yolks and olive oil.

Add the mixture to the boiled milk to the above mixture and heat, remove just prior to the mixture coming to a boil.

Cool the mixture down quickly in an ice-cold bowl which has been prepared beforehand. Then pour into a rectangular mold and place into the freezer.

If you have an ice-cream maker, add the mixture for whipping. If you don’t have an ice-cream maker place into the freezer, remove from the freezer occasionally and stir the ice cream so that it doesn’t crystallise. Return to the freezer

Serving suggestions – when serving, sprinkle some saffron strands, and including nuts, chocolate chips, small pieces of biscuits or any other garnish that you like.


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