Receta fideua

We do share a “fideua” recipe.  It is a fideua with chicken and saffron in threads. Find hereunder how to make it step by step. Do not miss any of the details.

Fideua with Saffron Recipe


  • A small chicken in pieces
  • A red pepper
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • A small handful of saffron in threads, 20 grs.
  • A medium size grated tomato
  • A handful of noodles
  • A little of olive oil and water for the broth.
  • Salt and pepper.

We also need a big frying-pan and a medium-sized casserole for the broth.


  • Cut the chicken into small bite-sized pieces, together with the medium-sized cut garlic cloves and the red pepper in small pieces.
  • Prepare the broth in a casserole to your taste. Add the saffron, let boil to add the noodles further on.
  • Add olive oil in a big frying-pan and heat in a medium heat, then add the red pepper and the garlic. It is important to let simmer until tender.
  • Then add the chicken with pepper and salt and brown it in a low fire. When ready, put it aside on a plate. Add the chopped tomato with a little bit of salt. Turn the heat up and fry it lightly. When nearly all the water has been reduced, remove it from the fire.
  • Add the noodles into the pan and stir for three to four minutes.
  • Then put the chicken into the pan and stir, with the broth and the hot noodles.
  • Finally, heat the mix in a high fire for about seven minutes until the noodles are cooked. Let it rest for about three minutes and serve.

And to round off the menu: a good year red wine and dessert, tiramisu or mascarpone, your choice!

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