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  As today is, 4 January, it’s Spaghetti Day and we wish to show you a way of making fresh pasta with a special touch of saffron.  Pasta is one of the star dishes on a menu every day. Are you game to surprise your dinner guests with a different and homemade pasta?   Fresh […]

There is in traditional cuisine a delicious dish which mothers and grandmothers have placed on our tables for years: garlic soup. Now as we are heading into autumn and the cold weather is at our doorstep, we have to be prepared to fill our stomachs with a dish which provides us with strength and stamina. […]

Have you tried the croquettes with a touch of saffron?, its flavour enhances the smoothness of the béchamel, adding a personal touch. Saffron has always been used not only as an aromatic spice and as food colouring, but for its many therapeutic properties: it is antioxidant, digestive, prevents cancer and gallstones, protects the retina and […]

Saffron is the most valued and treasured spice in the world, it has a lot of uses in our cuisine. Saffron is considered to have a high content of iron, potassium, phosphorus. Uses of saffron in our cuisine Without a shred of doubt, the widest use of saffron is as food colouring; that is the […]