Productos que Contienen Azafrán y Maridajes

Saffron is an aromatic spice with enormous culinary, nutritional, aromatic, decorative and even medical characteristics for its carminative, soothing and tonic properties.

This spice is considered the most expensive in the world, due to its laborious harvesting and is mainly used in the Mediterranean, Asian and Arabic cuisine for its aroma and its unique flavour. A lot of recipes are prepared combining their ingredients with safron enhancing both their flavour and their quality.


Origin  and main producer countries

Originally  from Ancient Persia, this spice has an orange colour as well as an intense aroma, it is one of the most valued in the world’s cuisines. The producer countries, besides Spain with its denomination of origin de la Mancha, are Greece, India, Morocco or Iran.

Recipes where it can be added and its matchings

We can get it in threads and use it in small amounts, a strand for every serving prepared, for example: it can be used grinded in both savoury and sweet dishes. It is particularly adecuate for matching several dishes such as pasta, stews, picklings, also to colour cheese and butter. In pastries, we can also use it to increase aroma, colour and for a delicious flavour in desserts, above all those made with eggs or lemon. It is often added in soups – like garlic soup-, mustard sauce and particularly in rice, for instance paella and risotto, where it is essential and delicious. It is also present in other cuisines all over the world, like in the moroccan mqalli, the Iranian chelow kebab or in the French bouillabaise amongst others.

Besides, it is ideal to match stewed meat or beans and potatoes, to enhance their flavour, as well as in fish such as cod, in batters. Famous dishes like cazon en adobo ( a type or marinated fish), arroz en caldero (rice in cauldron), gazpacho manchego o gallina en pepitoria ( stewed chicken) are exceptional with simply a few threads of safron.

Give your dishes a touch of colour, aroma and an exceptional flavour with this spice as valuable as legendary.

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