Couscous with Saffron Theads

Few recipes provide so much and such a  flavour to dishes  as saffron does. Today, we give you a perfect recipe to overcome the very warm summer days. Specifically Couscous, Couscous with Saffron Threads, which can be served as a perfect side dish, such as a grilled vegetables.

What do you need?

For this recipe you need couscous, a few threads of saffron, butter or olive oil, salt and pepper. If we are going to serve it with grilled vegetables, we recommend zucchini, red or green pepper, mushrooms, eggplant, peeled tomatoes and oinion.

How to prepare it?

First of all, we have to prepare the vegetables. Once they have been peeled and washed, cut them in small chunks so that they won’t be raw inside. Add salt and pepper to the cook’s or  guest’s taste. In the meantime,  heat some water. You should use a couscous pan with a heaver on top but you can also do without one, you can use a pan instead. Once the water is ready at cooking temperatura, add the couscous and one minute later, the saffron threads until it is perfectly cooked. Then, add butter or olive oil to soften the couscous. Season with  salt and pepper and save it until the vegetables are ready.

This Couscous recipe can also be applied to many other ingredients. You can use from lamb meat to chicken. The limit is your culinary imagination.

Ready to eat

You need a good dose of creativity to present the dish, but we recommend you to place the vegetables you have prepared in the middle of the plate, then put the couscous, with  that unique flavour thanks to the Saffron Threads you have added to the pan while the couscous was cooking, all around the vegetables. And there your are, all ready! You can also mix the couscous and the vegetables and get, this way, a salad like aspect. There are many other possibities, and they are all great!

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