Applications and benefits of Saffron on your hair

About “ Saffron”

Saffron is one of the most demanded products and, therefore, the most valuable on the market. After all, thousands of flowers are needed to extract one kilo of pure saffron. Spain, is actually, one of the countries where more saffron is harvested. In general, its plant has properties which are very valued in very different areas such as gastronomy, medecine and cosmetics.

These properties are, in general, associated with their nature which enhances flavour, aroma and colour. Somehow the safran plant works as a strong senses revitalizer. That is why, safran harvests fetch high prices.

Saffron applied to hair

Amongst its uses, it must be emphasized that it is very useful in hair cosmetics.

Especially, to boost hair colour and shine for those who have blonde or light red hair. This way, saffron works as a natural dye and helps  improve blood circulation and strengthen capillaries which can be damaged by the effects of the sun and dehidration. In fact,  as an extract, saffron is also added to some repair shampoos made with organic products.

How to preparare saffron for hair colouring use?

Besides being effective, the dye based on saffron is also natural and it can be prepared using traditional and homemade methods. You only need to put a little of good quality saffron into two cups of boiled water. After that, allow the liquid to rest for eight hours. It can be used after washing your hair as a rinse.

It is recommended to do this operation a couple of times a week, but what is more important is to allow  your hair to dry naturally and without any need for hair-dryers or hair flat irons.


That way, saffron will give your hair lightness and an attrative colour.

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