5 books on saffron that you won't soon forget

If you’re mad about saffron and you’re amazed by everything in relation to this wonderful spice, then you must read these 5 books on saffron. Our proposal is literature from which to learn about aspects related to the saffron’s history, legend, botany, cultivation, gastronomic uses … However, if you’re a chronic reader, there are novels with highly attractive and suggestive titles with saffron playing a starring role.

As you know so well, saffron is the world’s oldest and most valued spice. This has inspired writers from all over the world, both in novels as well as the dissemination thereof to shape its literature.  We have picked following 5 books on saffron:

‘Secrets of Saffron: The Vagabond Life of the World’s Most Seductive Spice’, by Pat Willard, Editorial Debate (Debate Publishing House).

This book is an essay which describes the origins and journey of this spice, with special emphasis on the legends and traditions of different cultures. A chronicle through history, gastronomy, botany, art and medicine, where you’ll learn more about everything related to saffron.

‘El azafrán: Historia, cultivo, comercio y gastronomía’ (‘Saffron: History, cultivation, trade and gastronomy’), by Manuel Pérez Bueno, Ediciones Agrotécnicas (Agrotécnicas Publishing House).

As the title suggests, this book is a detailed journey and is of a more technical character in nature as regards the history of saffron, its cultivation, trade and uses in cuisine.

‘Historia del azafrán, la flor del amanecer’ (‘The history of saffron, the flower of the dawn’), by Jesús Ávila Granados, Editorial Zendrera Zariquiey (Zendrera Zariquiey Publishing House).

This work gives us an insight into the mysteries and delights of saffron, the most mythical spice in history. Once again, it is a chronicle through its history, legend, culture … The book is a jewel for gastronomy lovers, given that it contains delicious recipes.

‘Biotecnología del azafrán’ (‘Biotechnology of saffron’), by José Antonio Fernández Pérez and Julio Escribano Martínez, published by the University of Castile-La Mancha.

Explained in this book is the reason behind why the cultivated surface area and the production of saffron in the Castile-La Mancha region have registered a continuous decrease. Is saffron an endangered spice? This and other questions are likewise answered in this book.

‘La flor del azafrán: la verdad de Alicia’ (‘The flower of the saffron: Alicia’s truth’), by Vanesa Puig, Editorial Tempus Fugit Ediciones y Distribuciones Literarias (Tempus Fugit Ediciones y Distribuciones Literarias Publishing House).

A romantic tale, with considerable emotional baggage, which gives us a insight to the world of this spice through the family that gives lodging to Alicia, a family dedicated to the cultivation of saffron.

These are the 5 books on saffron that we have proposed. Undoubtedly, you may know of or have read other books on the subject matter. Tell us about it on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social networks.

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