The benefits of saffron oil for hair and skin

It’s that time of year, yes indeed Summer when the weather is hot where more emphasis needs to be given to one’s hair and skin, as both become drier due to high temperatures, the sun and a continuous exposure to products such as chlorine. Therefore, from Antonio Sotos we would like to tell you about the benefits of Saffron oil for moisturising one’s hair and skin, given that it is a completely natural product and provides long lasting hydration.


What is saffron oil?

Saffron oil is known as the essential oil which is obtained from the saffron spice itself.  Saffron oil is very expensive and difficult to obtain and also has an astringent quality, that is, helping to reduce aspects which are not attractive on one’s skin such as excess shine, open pores, skin dehydration etc.


What are the benefits of saffron oil? 

Saffron oil has a vast amount of vitamins which are highly valued in the beauty world, that imbue to skin and hair, a healthy and nourished appearance.


If you want to strengthen your hair so as to prevent hair loss then a few drops of saffron oil can be added to your own shampoo or even conditioner, and this will strengthen your hair as saffron repairs hair follicles and promotes hair growth, improving its appearance by imbuing shine and also, preventing split ends, given that it is a perfect hydrator.


For skin, it is best used on a clean face, no traces of makeup, or moisturiser, and using a few drops of saffron oil apply to the face and massage. Your skin will look hydrated, radiant and even supple and soft, as oils are one of the products which imbue long-lasting hydration.


If you have wrinkles or even acne, there is nothing to worry given that with all the saffron oil properties and being consistent with this natural treatment a couple of times a week, you will start noticing an improvement in your skin.


Where can I find saffron oil?

Nowadays, saffron oil is already sold in certain stores, however, many people prefer to make it themselves, so as to obtain a completely natural result.  Would you like to have a saffron oil recipe?


Add a few Antonio Sotos saffron strands to soak into almond oil (approximately ½ cup). Let stand for 10 minutes so that all the components are impregnated.


In a pot of boiling water pour the saffron almond oil mixture, and leave simmer for half an hour, as the oil will float to the top of the boiling water.


Once the strands are removed, pour the mixture obtained into a jar so that it can be used several times and is easy to apply.


Shall we prepare our skin and hair for summer?


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