Saffron Gin Tonic or how to make this gin amazing

If you like gin, today we’re suggesting a distinctive gin and tonic.  A cocktail as simple as is subtle, in which saffron plays a starring role. Our Saffron Gin Tonic proposal has nothing to do with the gin and tonic that is often seen in countless bars, in which the gin is reduced to another mere ingredient. Today’s recipe is a Saffron Gin Tonic with which to make this gin amazing.


For the making of this cocktail and that the end result is worthy of a Michelin Star, the selection of ingredients is crucial. Three ingredients are suffice, but these must be of the highest quality. Therefore, it is recommended to make the cocktail using Saffroman saffron strands, made with 100% Spanish DO (Denomination of Origin) Castile-La Mancha saffron, and a Premium gin.


If the quality of the ingredients is of the finest quality, the Saffron Gin Tonic will win over your palate in the first sip.




Tonic water

3/4 Saffroman saffron strands




For making this Saffron Gin Tonic like an authentic bartender, select a good glass snifter and add lots of ice. Swirl the snifter around a couple of times so that the ice chills the snifter and remove the excess water which has been released.  Add the saffron strands and wait a few seconds for the ice to be infused with its scent.  Add the gin and then the tonic water.


So that the tonic water does not go flat, use a braided spoon for cocktails. In that way, the fine and delicate bubbles of the tonic water will not explode when poured into the snifter. The bubbles slide over the length of the spiral, until reaching the combined mixture.


If you follow these tips and, of course, the tonic water is very cold, you will enjoy a perfect Saffron Gin Tonic. Furthermore, you can add orange peel to aromatise, even more if possible, your cocktail.

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