Saffron Facial Mask for softening skin


Saffron is not only used to imbue that characteristic taste or giving a yellowish colour to your recipes, however, if you don’t already know, the spice has very beneficial properties for health and beauty. So much so, that in ancient times, Cleopatra used red gold to keep her skin in the best possible condition thanks to the saffron facial mask, but that is not all, as saffron was also used to heal the wounds of Pharaohs and the upper class.


Benefits of saffron for facial skin

The major cosmetics companies use saffron in their products, as it contains a high glycan content (polysaccharides which are completely natural on the cell surface) for the rapid cell regeneration of the skin.


Furthermore, mixed with certain ingredients, such as argan oil, which also contains many beneficial properties for the skin, where a perfect mask for the care of one’s skin can be obtained.


Saffron facial mask for softening skin recipe 


How to make and apply the recipe? 

Begin by adding saffron strands into a bowl with the milk and set aside for 30 minutes and then, using our hands, crushing the strands so as to be well blended into the mixture.

Add the curd and carefully stir everything until obtaining a uniform paste.

The mixture is ready for application. Apply evenly over all over your face, using your hands, gently massaging.

Leave the mask on for about 15-20 minutes, for it to work and a rich permeation of its properties into the skin.

Finally, rinse with cold water to remove the mixture from the face. Do not use any soap to rinse off.


As can be seen, taking care of your skin with natural products is very simple and beneficial for your facial skin, which is often severely damaged by the amount of products which are applied to it, whether makeup and creams, among others.


A useful tip!  Apply this mask twice a month and you will notice the improvement of your facial skin’s smoothness .


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