Recipe: Saffron Mayonnaise

Saffron is a spice capable of making a dish great. And if it is used in rice, meat, fish and vegetables dishes, it is similarly capable of turning a simple mayonnaise into a star mayonnaise. For this reason, today we’re bringing you a recipe on how to prepare a delicious saffron mayonnaise.


Mayonnaise is a thick cold creamy sauce that, as you’ve probably guessed, is obtained after the emulsion of vegetable oil, egg and lemon juice and/or vinegar. Its provenance is Spanish, in particular from Minorca, the Balearic Islands, the birthplace of mayonnaise and according to several theories was invented to commemorate the successful capture of the city of Mahón by the French. (It is said that when preparing the victory feast, the duke’s chef was forced to substitute olive oil for cream in a sauce and unexpectedly pleased with the result, the chef christened it “mahonnaise” in honour of the place of victory.) Although in the Middle Ages an emulsified sauce consisting of garlic with meat broth or fish and thickened with bread crumbs had already been used.


In its original incarnation, mayonnaise was made by hand, using a mortar, and contained garlic, reason why the aioli is considered as a precursor of mayonnaise. Following the conquest of Mahón, the original mayonnaise sauce was brought back to France, and where the garlic was removed.


Today, this rich sauce is made using a blender and there are and endless number of varieties. We propose a saffron mayonnaise which will undoubtedly conquer your palate.


Saffron Mayonnaise



1 egg

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)



5-6 Saffron Strands



The first thing we need to do for imbuing the saffron mayonnaise with an intense flavour is to toast the saffron threads in a frying pan without oil.


Once toasted, place the strands into a blender and then add the egg, extra virgin olive oil, a splash of vinegar and a pinch of salt.


So that the mayonnaise does not curdle, it is important to whisk the mixture in the bottom of the blender, without moving. Once it begins to emulsify, gently move the blender up and down.


When it is ready, place in a refrigerator suitable container and chill for half an hour before serving. Especially, if the dish is a cold dish. A couple of saffron strands can be placed on top as a garnish.


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