Saffroman Platinum Saffron – 1 g – Pack glass jar

Saffron in filaments Saffroman Platinum in glass jar with an intense flavor, aroma and color.


Nuevo Nuevo Embalaje

Characteristics of Saffroman Saffron:

  • Prepared with raw materials from all over the world selected through a strict quality control.
  • We harvest and select the raw material using traditional processes to take the best care of every strand and preserve all the quality of the saffron: intense flavour, aroma and colour.
  • Renown all over the world as an emblem of quality and reliability.
  • Qualities and uses of saffron.


Saffroman Platinum Saffron – 1 g – Pack glass jar









Units/box Boxes/parcel
12 Units 50 Boxes

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