Do you want to opt for a Natural Hair Colour? Get it using a saffron hair

From among the number of uses given to saffron, certainly not even for a single moment one would have ever thought to use it as a natural hair dye for red or blonde hair.

As you already know, saffron possesses the magic of colouring everything it touches, given that it is the perfect seasoning to imbue that special colour to food, clothing and even your hair.

It is obvious that it is a natural hair dye, reason why you would not be able to change your hair colour from brunette to blonde, but if you have light hair and want to dye it a different shade, cover grey hair or even add gloss to your hair, jot down the saffron natural hair dye recipe which we suggest.


What are the advantages of a natural hair dye?

Natural hair dyes, as its name implies, mainly composed of elements which are chemical-free, do not damage the hair at all. Whilst not having a very noticeable result at first, it is undoubtedly true that with a bit of consistency and a couple of repeated uses of these dyes over time, you’ll obtain the shade that you were looking for in an entirely natural way.


Natural hair dye ingredients

A pinch of saffron strands

2 cups of boiled water

1 tablespoon lemon juice


Natural hair dye instructions

In a container with a lid, add the water, saffron and lemon juice. The container needs to be closed as the mixture must be left to soak for eight hours before applying. The purpose of soaking is for saffron to release all its dye in the water so as obtain a reddish mixture.


How to apply the natural hair dye?


It’s a very quick and easy method of application, given that you only need to strain the saffron strands from the water.


Here you already have the mixture ready to use. Wash your hair as you would normally do, and once rinsed, apply the mixture.


There’s no need to immediately rinse your hair, given that the mixture  will take time to be absorbed by the hair. After several hours, you can already rinse your hair with cold water.


This process can be done twice a week, and therefore, you will obtain a more natural and balanced shade for your hair.

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