the benefits of black tea with saffron

The tea’s numerous properties are widely known, but do you know how black tea with saffron can help you? This innovative blend takes advantage of the synergies of both components to guarantee an exceptional care of the heart, stomach, urinary system or skin, among others. Would you like to  know more?

So why not give it a try

Saffron Properties

This ancient herb, from the Middle East, has been used in infusions, macerations or poultices to purify the blood, treating menstrual cramps, colds or muscular contractions.

Nowadays, aside from its appreciated contribution to gastronomy, its therapeutic properties remain valid today, such as:


-Diuretic and slimming.



-Analgesic, and a stimulant.

Black tea properties

Due to its concentration of polyphenols it is an interesting antioxidant and diuretic:  it will help you fight ageing, eliminate toxins and to burn localised fat. Its low caloric intake and satiety potential makes it a common element in slimming diets and cosmetics.  Have  you tried adding it to fruit juices? It’s a simple way to drink cold and therefore to enjoy its benefits.

Its high tannin content imbues it with great astringent capacity, suitable for treating gastrointestinal disorders such as gastritis or diarrhoea. However, it is not recommended for cases of anaemia or iron deficiency.

It is recommended to be drunk at breakfast as energiser, after sports or in periods of severe fatigue, as it regulates the central nervous system and provides a pleasant sensation of well-being.  It can similarly be used to fall sleep, protect gums or alleviate children’s  teething pain, as well as preventing cancer or osteoporosis.

Benefits of the  Black Tea-Saffron pairing

Its moderate consumption will allow one to:

-Reduce blood pressure, prevent hypercholesterolemia and protect one’s  arteries.

-Balance one’s mental health.

-Sharpen one’s memory and concentration.

-Prevent cystitis and regulate menstruation.

-Revitalise one’s skin and hair.

-Protect one from cavities or eye problems.


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