Saffroman Platinum Mancha D.O.P. Saffron – 5 g – Pack glass jar

Mancha D.O.P. Saffron in filaments Saffroman Platinum in glass jar with an intense flavor, aroma and color.


Nuevo Sello D.O. La Mancha Nuevo Embalaje

Characteristics of Saffroman Saffron:

  • Prepared with 100% Spanish Mancha D.O.P. saffron from Castilla – La Mancha and qualified by experts as the best saffron in the world.
  • We harvest and select the raw material using traditional processes to take the best care of every strand and preserve all the quality of the saffron: intense flavour, aroma and colour.
  • Renown all over the world as an emblem of quality and reliability.
  • Qualities and uses of saffron.
  • D.O.P. from Castilla – La Mancha



Azafran Saffroman Tarro Cristal Plata 4g.









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12 Units 50 Boxes

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