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Christmas lobster, the Christmas star recipe
The Christmas lobster is a dish on par with the best cuisine in the world, ready to be served at your table. Follow our tips for enjoying the recipe, without ruining yourself economically in the supermarket.
Roast Turkey with Saffron Stuffing, perfect for this Christmas
It’s that time of year in which all families start to think about what to prepare for Christmas dinner, and which creates plenty of headaches when thinking about pleasing all dinner guests. If you wish to be get it right with a typical Christmas dish perfect for this time of year and that, furthermore, is [...]
Lukssekatter, your Christmas pastries with saffron.
As we head into December, a month with a special spirit, the Christmas spirit. This makes us think more about others and less about ourselves, we begin to prepare for Christmas with our friends and relatives with special menus for that day that we will spend with our family.   Occasionally we have mentioned a [...]
Saffron at Christmas is an exclusive spice.
 Saffron is a very versatile spice, but nor is it a perfect fit in all recipes, as occurs, for example, with pepper, which however seems to practically pop up in all kinds of recipes. That’s why we give you a few ideas so that you can use one of the most appreciated species in the culinary [...]
St. Lucía Buns
St. Lucia buns are a traditional Swedish pastry which announces the arrival of Christmas. The main ingredient is saffron, which imbues its characteristic aroma and flavour to this delicious pastry
Warm Saffron Zucchini Saffron Cake
Another Christmas is coming to an end and one of the biggest headaches in all households is to what to serve to all our family members for the best New Year’s Eve dinner ever. A special day surrounded by all your family where the entrées before the main course play a starring role. Entrées are [...]
Saffron chocolate nougat recipe
There are many many  chocolate nougat recipes, but, very few such as this. Jot down this very easy saffron chocolate nougat recipe. An extra luscious and luxurious nougat thanks to the saffron, raisin, orange zest and of course, quality chocolate. Take a chance and opt for sweets prepared by you this Christmas.   Saffron chocolate [...]